• Sony Xperia Go White

    Looking for sturdy and powerful phone. Well, here is latest offering from Sony in the form of Sony Xperia Go which is a rugged and powerful and is your perfect companion whenever you go outside.  So, if you are adventure freak and want your phone to be the same, the new device is designed just for you! For the rest there are always sleeker and easy to handle devices available.

    • Sturdy phone
    • Powerful dual Core processor
    • Compact and user oriented
    • Resistant to dust, water and scratch resistant.

    • Android Gingerbread OS
    • Low screen resolution
    • Low call quality

    Lately, it was only Motorola who was known for bringing sturdy and resistant phones. But now the makers of sophisticated handsets have forayed into the arena of rugged smart phone, this Sony handset is not only resistant to water but also to dust and scratches. With these features in your phone you do not have to worry about dropping your phone on the ground or in the pool of water. Just take it out and clean it and your phone is all set to work again.

    This unique device is available in the mobile market  with assorted mobile phone deals.

    Why to buy it?

    It has already  been said that this one is for the  people who are in to all kinds of advcneture sports like mountaineering, water diving and playing on the beach. And for this, there is requirement of the device which can handle all these abrasions with ease without getting hurt. And latest Sony phone offers just the same with its build, looks and features!

    On the hardware front there is nothing big to talk about. It is not your super fact or super sleek phone that  are available currently in the market. This could be a real gift for the person who is more interested in the outside world than in the virtual world of mobiles.

    Next, the resolution of the screen is not that amazing as well. This could be because Sony might have thought that you could be more interested in the world outside then in browsing the web or watching videos. Though, there are other phones as well in the similar category such as Motorola defy + but none can match to the standard of Xperia Go powered with dual core processor.

    Sturdy And Rugged Design

    At first glance, you might not even feel that this device has been designed to handle all the scratches and abrasions. It is neat and compact phone that comes with sleek dimensions making it easy to carry both in hands and slipping in the pocket. Even if you dip your phone is the pool of water the working of the phone remains highly responsive.

    The not so fancy phone comes with the thickness of 9.8mm, and when you put in your pocket consisting of your coins and home keys there are no chances of display getting all the scratches.

    On the top there is 3.5m jack to play all the tracks by putting in the headphones. USB port is also present; both the outputs are covered with plastic covers to avoid entry of dust and water.

    Screen - 3.5 Inches

    The screen of the Go is 3.5 inches when measured diagonally. This screen has low resolution of 320X 480 pixels, giving it a pixel count of 165 that is biggest drawback of this rugged phone. With the experience of web browsing and watching movie, surfing to the images and playing games it not good altogether. Similarly, the touch screen is also little faded as it required hard pressing to give in the instructions and carrying out the operations.

    Great Power and performance - Andriod Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich OS

    Powered with high performance and powerful dual core processor, the device renders best experience while running all the applications at blazing fast speed. And with small screen size, there is not much pressure on the processor as well; hence it works out pretty fine.

    Loading your favorite games like angry birds and social networking sites like Facebook takes not much time.

    Running on Android Gingerbread it feels little outdated in comparison to other smart phones which are running on latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Being powered with dual core processor, the Xperia go has all the power to run all the applications, carrying out web browsing and loading games without skipping a beat!

    Decent Battery Life

    Again, there is low point of the GO, the device is packed with battery with low life. According to Sony, battery can last for about 6.5 hours of talk time, 6 hours of video playback and around 45 hours of music play back. And 520 hours of standby time when you are not using the phone at all.

    Quick Camera - 5MP With HD Video Recording 

    Packed with 5 MP snapper at the back, the device has all the features necessary for capturing great looking pictures. You can also share your images on the Facebook as well directly through the phone. Videos are recorded at 720p HD producing images that are fair and decent.


    Sony Xperia Go is your hard and sturdy smart phone that is designed for your outdoor activity.  Just as you are ready to withstand all kinds of abrasions and hardships so is your phone. Overall, the device feels pretty decent with all the straightforward features on board.

    Xperia Go Deals

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