• Sony Xperia J White

    Looking for a decent yet budget oriented Xperia phone. Currently, there is craze for Xperia T in the market as it is also the choice of James Bond. But what if you cannot afford to buy this high end smart phone. Well, there is god new for all the buyers looking for another options, the company has brought Sony Xperia J which is definitely the little sibling of Xperia T.  Powered with 1 GHz single core processor the device runs all the applications with breeze. Operating on Google’s Android version 4.0.4, there is no stopping for this little fellow! Besides, you can get the easily with lucrative mobile phone deals as well.

    The point here is, is it worth buying Xperia J. So, if you have been eyeing Xperia J for a long time but could not buy the same due to cost issue, Xperia J is answer to your worries and fantasy as well. Apart from few changes in the design and little compromises on the features front, there is nothing that will make you feel awkward about your handset. With this you can easily feel confident that you are holding one of the best device which similar to the one which has recently been promoted by Daniel Craig as well.

    The screen is 4 inches and is similarly curved inwards like all the handsets of Xperia including high end Xperia T.  The user experience delivered by the handset is not that great but manages to give better alternative.  Starting with processor which is 1 GHz in comparison to 1.5GHz which is found in Xperia T. Next the internal storage stands at 4GB out of which you can use only 2GB of space for loading your music, images and videos.

    Dashing Design and Great display

    Xperia J has gained much popularity after it being coming next to the Bond phone. Many buyers are after the handset as it offers cheap alternative to the lavish one. The entire device has been crafted out of plastic with sleek back panel supported with chrome effect that surrounds the edge of the handset.  The back of Xperia J is removable in nature giving smooth and easy access to SIM card, micro SD card slot and battery which is 1,750mAh.

    Check out the outstanding display of 4 inches that is LCD with high resolution. Here, there are three capacitive buttons just below the display which are Home, Back and Menu unlike Xperia T where they have been placed on the actual display itself.

    On the sides there are two physical input buttons which are volume rocker and power button, this also works as screen lock and wake key as well. For listening to music there is 3.5 mm jack at the top in which you can plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite track. At 90 degrees there is spae for micro charging and micro USB. Next, there is front and rear camera of 5MP which is supported with dual LED’s to capture high quality images.

    Talking of the display, there is 4 inches LCD screen that is rendered with resolution of 480 X 854 pixels that is an impressive feature. The pixel density is 245ppi that enhances the overall image quality. The colors produced are bright with high contrast ratio. The viewing angles are also fine and satisfactory. With this screen you can easily enjoy images, games, videos and web browsing.

    Potent Processing power and Smooth software

    Earlier Sony Ericsson was marketing devices with single core 1GHz processor. And today, Xperia J is equipped with Snapdragon S1 that is supported with 512MB Ram. This processor is capable of running all the applications at high speed without draining out.

    Operating system of the phone is Android which can be upgraded to Android 4.1 that will further add to the functioning and working of the phone. But at present the device is running on Android 4.0.4. This means that you will be able to use dedicated Google Jelly Bean features like Google Now that is very similar to Siri and works as voice assistant. It easily  gives information about weather, appointments and many more.

    Slick Interface, Latest applications and Huge storage

    There is Sony’s very own user interface available which comprises of several applications and widgets that are already present on the home screen. Love social networking and chatting with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and then there is Timescape at your disposal which gives you entire information about the social feeds from all the social sites you are registered at in shape of continuous stream.

    Listen to unlimited music with traditional walkman music player that gives access to best of music and songs at one place. Then there is Play Now market also available.

    Talking of the memory, the device comes with 4GB of flash memory from which 2GB is available  to store applications and games. The good news is that this internal storage can  be expanded through micro SD card, but you will have to buy one!

    Flashy Camera

    There is no doubt that camera feature of the device is highly recommendable. Xperia J comes with 5MP snapper that lacks Exmor R technology hence the images produced are not great as compared to Xperia T which has best picture enhancing attributes’. Still, the images produced are bright and colorful and manages look quite decent. Video recording is done as well at VGA resolution.

    Performance and battery life

    Powered with single core processor, the device easily runs all the applications without any issue. This is one area where Xperia J manages to have upper hand over Xperia T. Supported with 1,750 mAh battery the device easily lasts for couple of days without any drainage. However, it completely depends on the kind of activity you are engaged in!

    Xperia J Wrap Up

    Taking the looks of the phone into consideration both Xperia J and Xperia T looks like twin. But, there is lot of difference between their specifications just like there is difference between Pierce Bronsan and Daniel Craig movies.

    Well, it is already known that Xperia J belongs to budget segment and there are easily many devices available in the Android range which costs less than this.

    Xperia J Deals

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    Contract deals are presented in association with leading mobile networks of UK. They are Vodafone, Three,T-Mobile and O2. One can chose any of the networks and avail maximum offers as well.  The duration of contract is 12, 18 and 24 months. Once contract is signed the offers to be availed are free gifts and incentives.

    Free gifts given are laptop,LCD TV, DVD Player, Home Theater and Digital camera. Add to this cost saving incentives like free text messages, free talk time, reduced call rates and limited web browsing which are the major attraction for the potential buyers.

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