• Sony Xperia SP Red

    Well, there are lot f smart phones that are easily and widely available in the mobile market. It requires lot of effort and thinking while deciding to buy the smart phone that appeals to all. Well, we present to you Sony Xperia SP. This novel smart phone from Sony consists of all the features that are desired by the buyers all over without putting whole in your pocket.

    This friendly and user oriented phone is easily available in the market. It is boarded with plenty of incredible features like powerful dual core processor capable of running all the applications with ease. The screen of the device is also quite large giving you all the details with ease. In addition, there is presence of fancy camera at the back which is capable of capturing high quality images with ease. Well, taking into account all the sections, it seems that Xperia SP is the best buy for those on budget and looking for some high action in their phone.

    Before jumping to any decision, you can read our complete review which will give you hint about the weakness and strength of this smart phone.


    The configuration of the phone consists of almost all the variants available for designing the phone. There is use of glass, metal and plastic in overall fabrication of the phone. with all these  the device comes  to be at modest certainly not mind-blowing  like other high end devices from the same company like Xperia T, Xperia U and more.

    The metal has been used for framing the phone that gives it a decent appeal. At the back of the phone plastic has been given it due and like expected it sometime bends inside we you tend to hold it little tight. Though, this may not be liked by the perfectionists out there but does not poses a bug problem as one gets used to it with time. The device is available in various shades and color which will appeal to both subtle and flashy audience.

    The device is so designed that it is comfortable to hold and carry around. The device is easy to operated as most of us are now used to operating the large screen devices with single hand. There is presence of physical button as well which have been placed on the right side. These include volume rocker, power button and camera shutter key that are responsive and quick in action. Micro USB socket is also on the right. The head jack is put on the top to listen to your favorite tracks. You can also find transparent strip on the bottom on the phone.  This strip adds a unique character to the phone.

    This strip acts like a notification bar as it gives various kinds light in different colors depending on the type of notification that is pending. Those who do not want to use it are free to put it down.

    Power Display - 4.6 Inch With 720x1280 Resolution

    Display of the Sony phones have always been the talking point. Here, also SP impresses with its screen which is 4.6 inches with resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels which makes up for a decent and modest screen  for a phone that belongs to the mid range category. With pixel density of 319ppi those whites and the colors are produced with brightness and are pretty to look at. The brightness of the phone manages to give fine details even in outdoor conditions.

    Smooth and Latest user Interface

    On turning on the phone, Xperia SP presents you with UI that is latest in its working with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean that is same like that of current and leading smart phone from the firm Xperia Z. there is lot to talk and like about the new interface. To start with there is vivid themes present in various hues, high resolution wall paper that sparks up your screen with its colors and brightness. You also have smooth access to notification bar that is home to things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are widgets for social networking as well, through which you can easily connect to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter on the move. Other tools included are calculator, timer, voice recorder and more.

    Onscreen Keyboard

    The keyboard of the phone is smooth to use and is highly customizable as well.  One can easily add and remove useless keys which are not used by you as per your preference. Besides, if your language is different from English you have whole list of languages to select from.

    Potent Processor and Lasting memory

    Unlike, the quad core processors which are found in almost every other handset, Xperia SP comes with dual core processor. The device runs smooth and fast with no issues at all. You can also play intensive 3D games on your phone without any issues.

    There is 8GB of onboard memory available in the phone which is likely to get filled fast. So, in order to render more memory space there is micro SD card slot to expand the space.

    Flashy Camera - 8MP With LED Flash

    The most flashy feature of the device is 8MP camera supported with Exmor RS camera.  It captures impressive and high quality images with auto focus and LED Flash. The other benefit includes capturing the pictures in case of lock screen as well.

    Xperia SP conclusion

    In end, Xperia SP promises to be a delightful phone offering bets of features and design within budget of many. The massive screen with high resolution and powerful processor can all be yours with this device.

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