• Sony Xperia T White

    It seems that your search for the best Android phone from Sony is about to end.  The Japan based company has finally cracked it with Sony Xperia T. This incredibly stylish phone comes along with high standard of features. Will it make up to the lies of Apple and Samsung; this is still to be seen.

    We all know that Sony is working day and night on the Alphabet series of handsets. It has already released several mobile phones in the series like Xperia U, Xperia J and Xperia S. This latest addition is featured with screen of 4.6 inches together with HD capability. Besides, there is facility for wireless money transfer with NFC technology. Run all the applications and operations without any issue. And last but not the least capture amazing and outstanding pictures with snapper of 13MP. The handset is so good in its features, design and specifications that even oo7 could not lay his hands off it. There are many secrets which are still to be divulged. Let’s find out.

    Though many people have already purchase Xperia S, but those who still in the lookout for the handset can easily go for Xperia T as it many up gradation in various parts of the features list such as camera and CPU power. Besides, if have been an avid fans of Sony Ercisson phones and still have not changed your device, well it is high time you did it as Xperia series are certainly every buyers dream!

    On the design front, the device is all set to enter the battle field which is already crowded with similar looking massive handsets such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC series of devices. With dual core processor there is some hope for T otherwise the competition in the mobile market is fiercely tough as they are featured with better display and other important integrations.

    Secret Design

    There is nothing to mention about the design of the phone, what can appeal to the famous and most secretive spy agent would be able to allure anyone. The front of the device is protected with scratch proof glass enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The sides are bordered with bezel which is made up of plastic. Though those who have already used Apple devices may find it little premium in its outlook.

    The back is designed out of matte textured plastic which is available in two shades of silver and black. The device is easy to grip and hold as it does not have glossy finish at the back. The design is curve in finish which was earlier seen in Sony Ericcson devices like Xperia Arc and more. Whether it is liked by the buyers or not it depends entirely on the buyer’s choice.

    Battery is not removable in nature and reveals space for micro SIM and micro SD card for expansion. All this is protected with plastic flap. On the right there are buttons for camera, volume and power. These are three physical buttons which are present on the entire device. Next on the right you will find micro USB charging port that also functions as a HDMI port for watching movies, videos and images on the wider screen.  On the top you have 3.5mmjack which is provided for listening to your favorite music on the move!

    Vibrant Display

    The display of the phone is 4.6 inches TFT display with Sony’s Bravia Engine with pixel density of 323 ppi. Moreover, it is capable of producing HD reality display that will show all the graphics while playing games, watching videos, surfing the web, viewing images in crystal clear clarity. Though it might not look as good as Super AMOLED display but it provides bright and impressive viewing angles along fine color combinations.

    Options like Back, Home and Multi tasking icons are all present on the display itself. The device is capable of self rotation so you put your phone in any direction it will appear right only.

    Superb Processing Power, Whopping Internal Storage And NFC

    Powered with latest dual core snapdragon S4 CPU the device is fast and works even better than any of its predecessors like Xperia U and S.  The high end performance of the device is comparable to that of latest and fast quad core chipsets found in most of efficient handsets.

    With Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the navigation is sleek and smooth. With this it is better to play games, surf the web and carry out multi tasking with ease. There is 1GB of RAM to support the processor.

    Save maximum data in your phone with storage space of massive 16GB of internal storage. However, only 2GB of space is available for storing games and apps. You can also expand your space to 32GB through micro SD card slot. In this space you can store unlimited data in the form of music, games, videos, movies and images.

    Connect with all the integrations present like Wi-Fi for fast Internet connectivity free of cost. Sharing and transfer of data can be done through Bluetooth and USB. With NFC you can easily make mobile payments anytime and anywhere wirelessly.

    Interface And Applications

    Running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Xperia T gives benefit of Google OS with apps like Google Mail, Google Maps and Navigation apps that are great to enjoy and also allow you to carry work with ease. It could have been even better had Sony come up with Android 4.1 which is latest and most updated version of Operating system. In addition, there are several applications put by Sony which are very much similar to that of Google counterpart.

    Amazing Camera And Smooth Video Recording

    There has been massive increase in the camera segment with 13MP snapper fitted at the back. The overall performance of the snapper is great. Supported with LED flash the images are always produced bright and colorful. Thanks to the presence of Sony’s Exmor R sensor, the images continue to come with extraordinary quality whether they are clicked in low light or high light. So, if you want great on a dull a day you can always have it without any worry. Even the close up photos comes out to be accurate.

    Next, there is front camera of 1.3MP to carry out video calling and capture self portrait pictures. Videos are recorded at 720p resolution. The rear camera records video at 1080p.

    Xperia T Deals

    So, you find the phone pretty impressive. Then, the most lucrative means of getting the phone home is through affordable mobile phone deals. There are three most popular deals available in the market which are SIM free, Pay as you go and Contract mobile deals. All these deals are well designed and suitable for individuals with various preferences.

    Xperia T contract deals are the most sought after and can be availed in association with top mobile operators of UK like Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile and O2. Once in contract there are array of offers to be taken along with the device which are free gifts and incentives. Free gifts given include laptop, LCD TV, DVD player, Home Theater, digital camera, Bluetooth headsets and gaming console. In addition, there are cost saving incentives as well rendered which are Free text messages, free talk time, reduced call rates, limited web browsing and instant cash back.

    Getting Xperia T deals is even simpler with online mobile portals, these portals comprises of all the contract deals available with all the leading mobile networks at one place. This makes it easy for the buyers to compare and select the device of their choice and offer while at home!