• Sony Xperia Tipo Red

    Ever Sony has made its foray in the mobile market, it hs been coming up with better and innovative handsets to earn a name for itself in the segment of mobile manufacturing which is already holded by Apple and Samsung as of now. However with time, there is arrival of tough competition in the form of Sony phones. The recently released devices are Sony Xperia U, Xperia P and Xperia Sola and many more, all these belong of high range. To cater to the wider audience, the company has also come up with budget oriented devices in the form of Xperia Tipo. This unique device also offers dual SIM facility as well. The lucrative device is available in the mobile market through affordable mobile deals. Loaded with exciting features, there is no looking back for the handset and is here to give run for their money to other entry level handsets!

    Will, this device make or break in the mobile market? Let’s find out with review

    Exceptional Design

    At first glance Xperia Tipo looks like a small teapot. It is small, sleek and handy phone that makes it easy to hold and carry around. In the world of big and bold smart phones, this little fellow is a great exception. It comes on board with the screen of 3.2 inches with perfect resolution to bring about the images, videos and other graphics while browsing the web.  Besides, the screen is made up of mineral glass that makes it strong and resistant to abrasions and scratches.

    There are three capacitive buttons below the screen that are responsive Android buttons namely Home, Menu and Back. On the right you will find USB charging and volume is on the left. Inside the back panel, there is space for carrying the SIM. GSM SIM is enabled in the phone.

    Listen to your favorite tracks with 3.5mm jack in which you can easily plug in the headphones and have your entertainment companion always. Capture decent and refined pictures and videos with camera of 3.2MP with high resolution. Overall, the design and looks of the phone make it not only durable but also make it easy to carry both in hands and pockets.

    All the applications are operated with single core 800 MHz processor that houses 512MP of RAM. Store your data in the internal storage of 3GB which is expandable to 32GB through micro SD card slot. The battery at the back is 1,500mAh.

    Decent Display

    Like all entry level devices, the display of the phone stands at 3.2 inches with resolution of 480X 320 pixels. Comparing to other devices that are available at this price range, the handset offers maximum benefit in the display section. The viewing angles of the device were pretty decent and so was the visibility under the sun. The reflective type of screen is used in the smart phone that is quick and responsive in its action.

    Since the display is small in size, the overall working of the keypad feels little down due to cramped keyboard.

    Classy Camera

    Sony Xperia Tipo is afforded with camera of 3.2 MP. The quality of picture is decent and looks great even in dim light; The pictures captured in highlight are also great to look! There is no support of flash in the phone hence, the pictures sometimes may feel little blurred and unrefined!  In addition, there is no auto focus in the camera and no camera button as well.  The best part however, is that one can use the camera even in lock screen.

    The other add in features include Night scene, snow, beach and sports. Other basic features are Self Timer, white balance settings and supporting high photography. There is Geo tagging feature as well in the snapper to add date and time of pictures clicked.

    Smooth Software/ Interface

    The biggest selling factor in Tipo is that it is working on Android 4.0. Then, there is Timescape UI enabled in the phone that allows you to stay in touch with your social friends with Facebook and Twitter. Next, there are five customizable screens in which you can add your widgets and applications. There are certain in built app in the phone that makes it more users oriented and fun to use.

    Power Packed Performance/ Battery

    Xperia Tipo comes with processor of 800 MHz that is quite decent for an entry level handset. With its basic price range the device enables user to do multi tasking with ease. Even carrying smooth web browsing is no issue with the device anyhow! Audio playback is also a highlight of the phone. All the medias like MP3,MP4 and many more are supported. Listen to best quality music with headphones and loudspeaker.

    Xperia Tipo comes with battery of 1500 mAh that is better than the likes of HTC explorer, LG Optimus Me and Samsung Galaxy Y. With this battery, huge back up is given for watching videos, listening to music and surfing the web.

    Xperia Tipo Deals

    Xperia Tipo deals are easily available in UK. These are SIM Free, Pay as you go and contract mobile deals. With Xperia Tipo contract deals there are numerous benefits to be availed along with the handset. These are provided along with service networks like Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile and O2. The assorted offers given with device are free gifts and incentives. Free gifts given are laptop, LCD TV, DVD Player, Home Theater and Digital camera. In addition free incentives like free text messages, free talk time, reduced call rates, limited web browsing and instant cash back are also given.

    Xperia Tipo deals are also available online through various mobile portals.  Buyers can register on the site and can avail whole range of offers like free gifts and incentives that are bestowed along with the handset. With wide availability of online deals, getting the device of your choice is easy and requires no additional work. Just selection and comparison of the deals online is sufficient to grab the best deal at less!